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What's New?

Fantastic Glue Dots

One can devote a whole book to adhesives for paper, but for now we’ll concentrate on Glue Dots.

These extremely tacky dots of adhesive are easy to apply with no mess or oozing and come in many different sizes and configurations. Some are really small, ideal for small embellishments and there are also lines, continuous, or in 25mm strips, which are great for applying ribbon.


The Craft Dot is great for fixing pre-made wax seals. Photo Dots are for….. you guessed it photos so are acid free. They are also re-positionable, so can be used to seal invitation envelopes, which can be opened and resealed again without damaging the paper.


It is always difficult to adhere highly textured papers to one another, or to other papers, but Glue Dots are the perfect solution – they fill the gaps that tapes just straddle. The dots stand proud of the paper’s texture, unlike liquid glues and thus provide good adhesion.


In the range we have two new products, “Lots of Dots - Photo & Memory Book” and “Lots of Dots - Craft & Mini”. These packs contain 2000 dots and are incredible value for money.


Watch this space for the new Dots Dispensers which will be available in the new year.